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Company Services

Whether you're flying tomatoes to Tokyo, medical equipment from Miami, oil drilling supplies to Oman, or aircraft spares to Accra, you can count on Ziegler South Africato get it there safely and on time.

Through our excellent relationship with the worlds major airlines and our extensive experience in airfreight logistics, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive airfreight service at competitive prices. Our airfreight services include:

Weekly and bi-weekly consolidation

This allows clients to consolidate (join) their shipment with other shipments so that better per/kg rates can be negotiated on their behalf. We operate weekly and bi-weekly consolidation services (depending on availability) for all sizes of cargo. We also arrange customs pre-clearance on faxed documentation to ensure speedy delivery to the consignee s door.

First commercial

IATA direct / IATA indirect. This ‘first available’ option service is specially geared for your non-critical, yet fairly urgent and time-sensitive cargo. Flexibility and quick response time allows our airfreight department to constantly surprise our clients with this outstanding service. It is cheaper than the ‘First Commercial Express’ option and quicker than consolidation.

First commercial express

This service is for extremely urgent and time-sensitive deliveries. We employ the ‘express’ version of a carrier’s service to ensure that your A.O.G.’s, medical and scientific supplies, human organs, newsprints and other urgent goods get priority forwarding, clearance and delivery. With this service we pull out all the stops to ensure that your cargo is delivered safely and within record time!

Cargo assembly

With cargo assembly you can consolidate multiple supplies originating from the same gateway region, under one airwaybill. This offers you increased control benefits and eliminates hefty minimum charges and multiple clearance fees. Ziegler South Africa have perfected the art of hassle-free cargo assembly, the benefits of which are enjoyed by clients whilst utilizing this service.

Charter (full or part)

We offer full or part charter services worldwide. These services are ideal for urgent shipments, heavy loads, outsize cargo, high value goods, just-in-time manufacturing, hazardous cargo and cargo transportation during civil wars or into areas of restricted access where overland routes are no longer available.


Track & Trace:
For track and trace options directly with the airline.

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